Patriotism is the foundation of our program.


Positive patriotism

Positive patriotism has become the hallmark and distinguishing feature of the Louisburg Band. Using their time and talent, Louisburg band members serve community and country, performing at local and national ceremonial and patriotic events. Understanding that service to community and country is incumbent upon every American, Louisburg band members have participated in Volunteer Day service projects. The most recent event was a food drive for the community food pantry.


Flags and flourishes, rousing music, and intense dedication are the norm when the Wildcat Band performs. The band has led wreath-laying ceremonies at the tombs of Abraham Lincoln and John Philip Sousa, at the Navy Memorial in Washington, DC, and at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Somerset County, PA. The band honored America’s Heroes in the 2013 NYC Veterans Day Parade.

Louisburg band members understand the importance of honoring America’s veterans, but are also mindful that all are called to serve community and country whether in military uniform or as civilians. En route to New York, the band stopped to lay a wreath at the Flight 93 Memorial in honor of those civilians who were called to the front line on September 11. They answered the call and paid a hero’s price. At the ceremony, the band played “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and “Taps.” A letter from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was read in which he said, “May we honor their memory, not only through our words but also in our lives, and prove ourselves equally worthy of our noble heritage.”